Hutchinson Clinic Adds Urologist

Urology has historically been a specialty with mostly male physicians, but more women like Allison Glass, MD, are choosing to make that their specialty. Dr. Glass is joining the urology department with the Hutchinson Clinic in September.

Getting Rhythm Back: Heartland Cardiology Adds Electrophysiologist

With the addition of Madan Acharya, MD, to its staff, Wichita-based Heartland Cardiology is expanding its ability to treat patients with arrhythmias and other difficult heart conditions.

News From Around the State

Wichita Cardiologist, Coffey Health System Settle Medical Fraud Lawsuits

Wichita cardiologist Joseph Galichia, MD, has agreed to pay $5.8 million to settle a false claims lawsuit that alleges he billed federal health programs for unnecessary medical procedures.

In an unrelated case, the...

A Changing Image for Radiology: Wichita Radiological Group Is Early Adopter of Value-Based System

The radiology specialty, like other healthcare practices, is being transformed from a volume-based model to a value-based model. In Kansas, Wichita Radiological Group, one of the largest subspecialty-focused groups in the state, is embracing that change wholeheartedly.


Wichita Trauma Surgeon Raises Funds for Eating Disorders in Memory of His Daughter, a Fellow Surgeon

Paul Harrison, MD, a recently retired trauma surgeon in Wichita, has gone to great lengths to raise awareness and funds for eating disorders.

The Exercise Coach: Short Workout Times, Better Results

Sometimes for physicians, the adage “do as I say, not as I do” seems fitting when it comes to following recommendations for exercise.

Don’t Cross Off Surgery for Adult Strabismus

There is a myth when it comes to adult strabismus, commonly known as being cross-eyed, says Michele Riggins, MD, a board-certified neuro-ophthalmologist with Grene Vision group in Wichita since 2012.

Wichita’s Via Christi Clinic Adds Specialist in Female Pelvic Medicine

Native Wichitan Simon Patton, MD, recently joined Via Christi Clinic, providing services in a relatively new female-focused field of medicine.

Laser Focus: Life-Changing Results

When it comes to laser vision correction surgery, Grene Vision Group has been the area’s market leader.

‘Eyes of the Future’

The healthy development of the eyes of children – the eyes of the future – is important. Not only are their young eyes taxed with visual activities, but their vision system continues to grow and develop until about the start of their teenage years.