KMC Dermatologists Pursue Goal of Serving Patients Statewide

The growing practice has developed a unique fellowship program to achieve an audacious mission.

Plastic Surgery Center: Improving Quality of Life

Reconstructive plastic surgery is, in its broadest sense, the use of highly specialized surgical techniques to restore the body’s appearance and functionality, and in some cases mobility. Reconstructive procedures arise from medical necessity due to a cancer diagnosis or physical limitation.

Could Your Patients Be among the 30 Million Americans Living with a Treatable Medical Condition?

Medical professionals from all fields regularly come in contact with patients living with symptoms caused by venous insufficiency (VI). Besides the typical signs of varicose veins, the condition often presents as restless legs, edema, neuropathy, cellulitis or other skin changes. VI is often mistakenly treated with temporary relief aids, such as medications, diuretics and antibiotic creams.