Treatment for Keratoconus Helps Avoid Corneal Transplant: Condition often appears in early teen years

When Wichitan Mike Ellis was diagnosed 25 years ago with keratoconus, a condition in which the cornea becomes misshapen, his treatment options were to monitor its progression and get stronger corrective lenses until the severity of his vision loss would require a corneal transplant.

Garden City Eye Clinic Relocates to New Facility

Fry Eye Associates in Garden City has relocated to a new clinic facility adjacent to its surgery center. The new facility offers not only more conveniences, but also allows the practice to grow, says co-owner and ophthalmology specialist Bill Clifford, MD.

Don’t Cross Off Surgery for Adult Strabismus

There is a myth when it comes to adult strabismus, commonly known as being cross-eyed, says Michele Riggins, MD, a board-certified neuro-ophthalmologist with Grene Vision group in Wichita since 2012.

Grene Vision Group Expands Oculoplastics

With the addition of a second ophthalmologist specializing in oculofacial plastic surgery, Grene Vision Group has expanded its capacity to serve patients who require eyelid, orbit, tear duct, and facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Laser Focus: Life-Changing Results

When it comes to laser vision correction surgery, Grene Vision Group has been the area’s market leader.

‘Eyes of the Future’

The healthy development of the eyes of children – the eyes of the future – is important. Not only are their young eyes taxed with visual activities, but their vision system continues to grow and develop until about the start of their teenage years.

Removing the Cloud: Advances Continue to Improve Lens Implants

With continuing advances in lens implant technology, patients who undergo cataract removal surgery have several options to improve their vision.

Looking Beyond the Eyes

While ophthalmologists often focus on saving one’s vision, a neuro-ophthalmologist can often help save lives through a diagnosis.

Keeping Patients in Sight

Grene Vision Group retina specialists David M. Chacko, MD, PhD, and Alan R. Hromas, MD, are always on call.

The two doctors, based in Wichita, rotate on-call duties every other day, as well as weekends, offering emergency services 24/7, 365 days a year for patients in a large part of...

New Glaucoma Surgeries Now Available at Grene Vision Group

The minimally invasive procedures enable patients to heal in a week, with little interruption to their lifestyles.