Mapping the Way to More Treatment Options for Spinal Cord Injury

A dearth of therapies to repair spinal cord damage and reverse paralysis following spinal cord injury spurred a team of researchers to embark on an ambitious project to map the spine as never before.

Managing Stress and Isolation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As you read this, the coronavirus dominates the global conversation. Turn on any news program, browse the internet, read a newspaper or listen to the radio — without exception, the story of the day is COVID-19.

COVID-19 Concerns Result in Changes at Hospitals, Practices

Editorial Note: This issue of MD News was going to focus on the future of health care. As the magazine content was being prepared and readied for publication, Kansas hospitals and medical practices were focused on responding to a pandemic threat that likely will impact the future financial health and business operations of medical practices and hospitals in Kansas. Therefore, our focus had to also change. With the impact of COVID-19 changing almost daily, our bimonthly publication could refer to just a few of the changes that resulted within a short amount of time.

When Hospitals Don’t Compete, Patients Pay the Price

Here’s a newsflash: When businesses don’t need to compete for customers, they tend to raise prices.

Be Aware of Side Effects and Other Drug Interactions of Glaucoma Medications

With older Americans being more at risk for glaucoma and that same population taking multiple prescription medications, it’s important for primary care physicians to understand the side effects and possible drug interactions of the various prescription glaucoma eye drops, says Anita Campbell, MD, a fellowship-trained glaucoma specialist with Grene Vision Group in Wichita.