Concussion awareness has grown significantly in the past decade. Now there is an entire annual medical conference devoted to the topic, medical journal articles have increased from a couple a year to multiple new articles every week, and every U.S. state has a return-to-play law requiring a physician’s clearance for student-athletes who have suffered a concussion.
Helping women overcome the physical and emotional toll of losing their breasts to cancer is the essence of what led Mitchell Flurry, MD, to become a plastic surgeon.
A low-sodium diet is often prescribed by physicians for someone dealing with high blood pressure, kidney disease, Menière’s disease, being at risk for heart failure or trying to live a healthier lifestyle.
Wesley Children’s Hospital in Wichita opened its newly renovated pediatric emergency department May 17 and announced a $17 million, phase two construction and service expansion plan to the hospital, which opened in 2016.
With continuing advances in lens implant technology, patients who undergo cataract removal surgery have several options to improve their vision.
Via Christi Hospital St. Francis in Wichita launched its Cancer Outreach and Risk Assessment (CORA) program in July 2015 to provide cancer risk assessment and genetic counseling — becoming the second such program in Kansas.
A Via Christi surgeon is using a novel technique to repair hernias that uses the minimally invasive da Vinci robotic system and the principles of the gold standard surgical procedure known as Rives-Stoppa.
In its first 10 years, the Kansas Healthcare Collaborative (KHC) has helped physicians and hospitals make significant strides in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.
When radiation oncologist Claudia Perez-Tamayo, MD, FACR, FACRO, came to Kansas in 1989, she saw an opportunity to bring the latest in cancer treatment — such as her work in intensity-modulated radiation therapy — to underserved areas.
KaMMCO was formed in 1989 by the Kansas Medical Society as a business solution for physicians facing rocketing medical professional liability (MPL) costs. Just as it did then, KaMMCO is now offering relevant solutions for new, decisive areas of concern for physicians — the transition to value-based payment models and effective use of clinical data to improve patient outcomes and quality reporting.
In the past five years, GraceMed, a clinic system affiliated with the United Methodist Church, has grown from three locations in Wichita to 15 locations in Kansas.
A foundational belief in the worth of each individual has always been at the heart of Prairie View’s bio-psycho-social-spiritual framework for caring for its patients’ needs.
In the past 10 years, the Hutchinson Clinic has witnessed many changes, but one of the most prevalent has been a steady increase in pain management patients and a steady decrease in providers taking these patients.
It’s called the Kansas Kids Heart Center, but one will likely find not only kids but also older adults waiting to see center founder and pediatric cardiologist Mohamad Al-Ahdab, MD, FAAP, CCDS, who goes by Dr. Mo.