The Bridge to a Healthy Kansas Introduced in House and Senate

Cindy Samuelson
Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Unique Kansas solution is budget-neutral, likely to produce financial gain for Kansas

New legislation was introduced today in the Kansas House and Senate that creates a

bridge within the current KanCare program to provide affordable health care coverage for approximately

150,000 Kansans who do not earn enough to afford private insurance.

This new, budget-neutral program makes health care coverage more accessible for low-income Kansans at no

additional cost to Kansas taxpayers and without using State General Funds. In fact, with federal funds

replacing state funds and a program emphasis on primary and preventive care to lower health care costs, The

Bridge to a Healthy Kansas is likely to produce a net financial gain for Kansas. Independent sources suggest

the financial gain to Kansas could reach $178 million in 2017, with positive net gains every year thereafter

The Bridge to a Healthy Kansas provides a unique solution for health care coverage. By requiring program

participants to be accountable for covering a portion of their costs through a personal Health Savings Account,

The Bridge to a Healthy Kansas is designed to create a path to greater health and personal responsibility for

those currently in the coverage gap.

A legislative brief of the bill is available online.

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