Committed to Advanced Urologic Care — Jeffrey S. Davis, Wichita Urology Group

By: Jeanie Erwin
Thursday, April 10, 2014

Urology has always been at the forefront in implementing exciting technologies, and Wichita Urology Group (WUG) has always been among the earliest adopters of innovative advances in surgical technology. The promise that technology represents is one of the main elements that drew Jeffrey S. Davis, MD, to urology, and ultimately to WUG.

Dr. Davis, who joined the group in August 2013, found medicine to be a natural choice that accommodated his love of math and science. After receiving his medical degree from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine in Omaha, Dr. Davis completed an internship in General Surgery followed by a residency in Urologic Surgery at Oklahoma University Health Center in Oklahoma City. His residency provided an invaluable experience and solidified his desire.

“I was strongly considering pediatrics at the time,” Dr. Davis explains. “Working with children is very rewarding to me, but ultimately, I needed something else. After my residency, I realized urology offered all of the facets in a rewarding medical career that I wanted.

“Throughout my clinical rotations, I began to realize what I valued and appreciated in a specialty. Advanced surgical technologies, the ability to treat a diverse patient population presenting with a wide spectrum of pathologies and the ability to develop long-term relationships with the patients were all high on my list of priorities.”

The ever-evolving field of urology was a perfect fit.

“It might seem simplistic, but choosing a specialty you honestly enjoy means you can devote every ounce of your dedication and passion into every aspect of the job, and that is extremely important to me,” Dr. Davis says.

Joining the WUG Team

While Dr. Davis invested much consideration in his choice of career paths, finding the right group in an area of the country where he and his wife, Leah, and their three children wanted to live was equally important. Urology has always been ahead of the curve on technology, and he strongly desired to work alongside leaders in the use of robotic surgical systems, as well as those who are inspired by the potential for future advances. That desire led him to WUG.

“Wichita Urology Group has always been at the forefront of adopting the latest and most innovative technologies,” Dr. Davis notes. “This is something that makes them well-respected in the field and an exciting group with whom to work. Their reputation as respected leaders drew me to the group, but their collaborative desire for optimum outcomes is what truly inspires me. These folks work tirelessly to see that each patient receives the best and most compassionate care available.”

Keeping Patients the Top Priority

Patient care is always the highest priority for Dr. Davis, who enjoys the ability to provide a wide spectrum of patients, including female urologic and pediatric patients, relief from pain and distress.

“Any urologic problem, whether it is kidney stones, enlarged prostate or something else, can be very painful, worrisome and sensitive,” he says. “Every patient deserves to be treated with compassion, and the diverse pathologies deserve the most advanced treatment interventions available — provided with care that results in the best quality of life 10 and 20 years down the road.”

Working Closely with the Physician Community

There are so many cogs in the wheel that drives medicine that it is not uncommon for care to become somewhat disjointed when communication fails — something Dr. Davis works actively to prevent.

“As a Midwesterner, you grow up placing a high value on relationships,” he says. “My responsibility to the patient and their physician is something I take very seriously. Availability is essential to that relationship. Whether it is a quick phone call or an email to update their primary care physician, I work to keep everyone informed.”

Maintaining physician relationships is a key to exceptional care, he adds.

“I really consider the patients on loan to me,” Dr. Davis says. “I am only part of a team that treats a whole person. I respect primary care physicians and that relationship, and support it by providing easy accessibility and open communication.”

For more than 50 years, WUG has led the way in providing a wide range of technologically advanced services. Dr. Davis is a welcome addition to an expert team, which thrives on meeting individual needs with care and compassion.

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