Getting Rhythm Back: Heartland Cardiology Adds Electrophysiologist

By Amy Geiszler-Jones
Tuesday, August 20, 2019

With the addition of Madan Acharya, MD, to its staff, Wichita-based Heartland Cardiology is expanding its ability to treat patients with arrhythmias and other difficult heart conditions.

Dr. Acharya just completed a two-year fellowship in clinical cardiac electrophysiology with the University of Utah School of Medicine in Salt Lake City, which is known for its pioneering research in atrial fibrillation.

He joined Heartland Cardiology in mid-July, practicing primarily at the group’s main Wichita location at 3535 N. Webb Road. He’ll also see patients at the group’s west Wichita and Derby clinics. Heartland Cardiology also has a clinic in Newton, and its physicians travel to outreach locations in Anthony, Augusta, El Dorado, Herington, Hugoton, Hutchinson, Kingman, McPherson, Minneola, Marion, Moundridge and Winfield.

As part of his fellowship program, Dr. Acharya did clinical rotations at both the University of Utah and the Salt Lake City Veterans Administration hospital and was involved in didactic and research activities. Dr. Acharya gained experience in complex ablation and all aspects of arrhythmia care, including the management and technically challenging extractions of cardiac rhythm implantable devices.

Dr. Acharya also completed a three-year cardiovascular diseases fellowship at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in Shreveport after finishing his internal medicine residency there. He earned his medical degree at the Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences in Bangalore, India. He is board certified as a cardiologist, in echocardiography and in internal medicine.

He was drawn to the cardiology subspecialty of electrophysiology because it has a significant impact on patient outcomes and he found it intellectually stimulating, given the complexity in the pathologies involved, he says.

“Many health conditions across the spectrum of modern medical practice can’t be cured, and they are rather managed to the best of current medical advancement,” Dr. Acharya says. “With cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology, there are many interventions that can potentially offer a cure and impact or improve a patient’s quality of life almost immediately.”

Dr. Acharya provides treatment for some very challenging conditions of the heart, such as radiofrequency ablations for atrial and ventricular arrhythmias, left atrial appendage occlusion and the removal of implanted cardiac devices. Device extractions can be necessary if there’s an infection, a malfunction or need for additional leads, for example. Up to 20% of defibrillators result in a lead malfunction in 10 years. A pacemaker’s battery wears down in about eight years. During the extraction, the patient’s heart is at risk of being damaged, so the procedure requires skill and expertise like Dr. Acharya’s. Another demanding heart procedure requiring experience and specific skills is ablation of complex left atrial arrhythmias.

The addition of Dr. Acharya to Heartland Cardiology’s staff is particularly important because of the growing need for electrophysiology services in the Wichita area, clinic administration says. The occurrence of arrhythmia increases as a person ages, and untreated patients are at serious risk for cardiac arrest and stroke. Scarring because of past cardiac events or abnormal tissue deposits can also interfere with the heart’s electrical system. In the past, particularly complex EP cases from the Wichita area were referred to Cleveland Clinic and other out-of-state facilities, Dr. Acharya notes.

With 15 cardiologists and new, larger facilities, Heartland Cardiology has been increasing its services and patient volume. In the past two years, it has opened three new clinics, including its main Webb clinic that features a cardiac PET (positron emission tomography) scanner.

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