Heartland Cardiology: New Places, New Faces

Friday, October 20, 2017

New Places

Heartland Cardiology clinics designed with patient care as a priority.

Heartland Cardiology continues to grow due to their unwavering dedication to excellence in patient care.

With 11 board-certified cardiologists, three clinic locations in the Wichita area and 12 outreach locations throughout Kansas, Heartland delivers the best cardiovascular care to thousands of patients. In their ongoing effort to improve both the quality and efficiency of care, Heartland is building two new state-of-the-art facilities to make heart care more accessible for patients.

In the second quarter of 2018, Heartland will open a new 40,000-square-foot facility at 3535 North Webb Road in Wichita and a 4,000-square-foot clinic at 1719 E. Cambridge Street in Derby.

Renderings courtesy of Heartland Cardiology

Two new state-of-the-art facilities will help make health care more accessible for Heartland Cardiology’s patients. A 40,000-square-foot facility at 3535 North Webb Road in Wichita will provide a new headquarters for the organization, with cutting-edge technology designed to deliver a more patient-friendly experience. A 4,000-square-foot clinic at 1719 E. Cambridge Street in Derby will offer full clinic services, including diagnostic testing, to a growing market south of Wichita.

Heartland West, located at 9000 West Central in Wichita, was purchased and completely updated for Heartland in 2014 and will continue to provide Heartland’s signature care in West Wichita. The facility’s successes — including easy access, ground-level parking and welcoming waiting and clinic spaces — have helped inspire the new facilities on Webb Road and in Derby.

The new facility on Webb will replace Heartland’s current locations at 551 N. Hillside Street and the Cypress location at 9300 E. 29th Street North. The new Heartland Webb facility will be conveniently located on the Webb Road medical corridor and will offer easy access for patients from both Kellogg and 96, without the need to travel into the city. Through collaboration with the EPIC Heart and Surgery Center located next to the new Webb facility, Heartland patients can see their physician, obtain full cardiac diagnostic services and full catheterization lab and device implantation services on the same medical campus.

The new Derby clinic will also be extremely convenient for Heartland patients. Located at the highly visible intersection of Rock Road and Cambridge Street, a traffic light will be installed before the facility opens to make it more accessible. Heartland will occupy approximately 50 percent of the new medical facility in Derby with other medical organizations occupying the remainder. Heartland Derby will offer full clinic services, including diagnostic testing.

The two new Heartland clinics will join Heartland West, located at 9000 West Central, to offer the most patient-friendly experience possible, with easy access, scheduling and comprehensive services. The West Central facility was purchased and completely updated for Heartland in 2014.

“In many respects, our current Heartland West facility was the inspiration for the new facilities on Webb and in Derby. Our patients love the easy access, abundant ground-level parking and welcoming waiting and clinic spaces,” says Heartland CEO Barry Reynolds.

Heartland West will continue to serve patients without interruption.

While growing pains necessitated Heartland’s expansion, great attention was paid to the location and design of the new facilities.

“It isn’t as simple as just finding a larger facility to expand capacity. The priority for Heartland was selecting locations and designing facilities that maximize convenience and service for our patients,” Reynolds says. “The specific locations selected and the building designs reflect the commitment of the Heartland physician owners to care for every patient like a member of their family.”

Both of the new facilities will open in the spring of 2018, and Reynolds stresses Heartland’s commitment to structure the moves so that patient services aren’t interrupted in any way.

“Rest assured that our moves will reflect the same priority that our clinic services do: patient care comes first,” Reynolds says. “While Heartland’s success is gratifying, we will never lose sight of what has made that possible. A group of excellent physicians came together in 1994 to create a different kind of medical organization. Their philosophy of prioritizing patient care and service above all else has helped us to reach this point. That guiding principle will never change.”

New Faces

Heartland physicians focus on patient care, expand outreach clinics.

Two talented physicians have joined the Heartland Cardiology provider team. They bring a wealth of knowledge, a passion for healing and a broad range of educational and practical experience to benefit Kansas patients.

Zaher Fanari, MD, FACC, FSCAI, FABVM

Dr. Fanari is board-certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, interventional cardiology, cardiac CT, nuclear cardiology, vascular medicine and endovascular medicine.

Dr. Zaher Fanari serves as an interventional cardiology/endovascular specialist at Heartland Cardiology and also as the Director of the Structural Heart Disease program at Wesley Medical Center. He looks forward to providing international-level care in the Wichita region.

He serves as Director of the Structural Heart Disease program at Wesley Medical Center and as an interventional cardiology/endovascular specialist at Heartland Cardiology.

His objective in both roles is simple.

“I want to make sure we are able to provide the best international-level care for the population in Wichita, here at home through Heartland and Wesley,” he says.

He was always impressed with Heartland’s reputation within the medical community and is excited about revamping Wesley’s Structural Heart Disease program.

“Heartland has great interest in patient care and wants to provide them with the best and most advanced care available,” he says. “Additionally, I felt a hospital like Wesley would be a great opportunity for me to start and expand the structural program.”

His vision for the program includes providing patients the opportunity to be enrolled in clinical trials involving the latest technology in transcatheter mitral and aortic valve replacement.

“It will be much easier for patients throughout Kansas to come here and get the care they need close to home,” he says.

He also looks forward to expanding the region’s vascular disease care.

“It’s underdiagnosed and very prevalent,” he says. “It’s very limiting for patients and their quality of life. My goal is to bring the smile back to these patients by helping them be able to do more. I want grandparents to be able to walk and play with their grandchildren. I want people to be able to do their daily activities without being limited.”

Dr. Fanari is a recipient of many national research awards, including the ACC Young Investigator Award (YIA) and Northwestern forum YIA. He also serves on multiple ACC interventional and structural cardiology leadership committees.

Venkata S. (Subbu) Boppana, MD, FACC, RPVI

Dr. Boppana is an interventional cardiologist and is board-certified in cardiovascular diseases, echocardiography and vascular interpretation.

Dr. Venkata S. (Subbu) Boppana is an interventional cardiologist specializing in minimally invasive techniques. He will also provide cardiovascular care for residents of the Minneola area through Heartland’s outreach clinic in that community.

From the beginning of his career in medicine, Dr. Boppana has been interested in cardiology.

“This is the only field where there is a reason for everything,” he says. “If there is a cardiac problem, I can explain each and every thing, why it is happening. I always understand exactly what is going on with the patient by what I am examining.”

The foundation for Dr. Boppana’s interest in medicine was laid by his parents, both of whom were science teachers. His interest was further solidified when his grandmother spent six months in hospitals, recovering from severe burns she received in a fire.

“That’s when I looked at physicians really closely and saw how rewarding it was for them and how compassionate they were in helping my grandmother,” he says.

Dr. Boppana’s personable bedside manner helps put patients at ease. Whether he is putting in a lifesaving stent or providing acute treatment, he helps patients understand their options. Advances in care also mean Dr. Boppana is able to treat many conditions with minimally invasive techniques.

“My specialization is trying to do everything through the wrist, when possible, rather than going through the groin. It’s more difficult for the physician, but more comfortable, with fewer complications for the patient.”

One of the most exciting opportunities for Dr. Boppana is traveling to one of Heartland’s outreach clinics. He currently provides cardiovascular care for residents of Minneola and surrounding communities.

“I thought having me go there to see the patients would be helpful to the area,” he says. “That’s a great thing about Heartland Cardiologists: they are very committed to providing the best care for people far away from Wichita.”

With the addition of Minneola, Heartland Cardiology now has 12 outreach clinics, located in El Dorado, Harper, Herington, Hugoton, Hutchinson, Kingman, Marion, McPherson, Moundridge, Newton and Winfield.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Fanari or Dr. Boppana, please call 316-686-5300. For more information about the doctors or Heartland Cardiology, please visit heartlandcardiology.com.