Local Home Health Company Ranked Best in Kansas, Nation

By: Sarah Gooding
Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Serenity Home Health is in a class by itself when it comes to both quality indicators and patient rankings. The company is the only one in Kansas, and one of only 30 in the nation, to receive the Double Five-Star ranking for home health providers.

Serenity, a local agency headquartered in Wichita, has accomplished this rare achievement for not one, but two quarters.

Lars Stamp, President of Serenity Home Health, says the rankings echo Serenity’s dedication to quality patient care and good bedside manner.

“I think the whole industry is looking for some kind of magic bullet for these, and the truth is it’s not something you can throw a switch on,” he says. “It really starts with the people you bring to the team, and it takes awhile. There’s a lot of trial and error trying to determine which caregivers are willing to meet the high standard we set. It’s not for everybody. You have to not only be a great caregiver and have a good bedside manner, but also be willing to do the work on the technical side.”

The technical side is measured by Medicare, with data results curved to make three-star ratings most common.

“The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is focusing more on trying to reduce readmissions to the hospital,” Stamp says. “Due to the nature of home health, we serve people who have difficulty getting out of their home to get health care. It’s skilled care, which means it requires certain medical necessity requirements. We focus primarily on the Medicare population, although we do accept most insurances.”

Stamp says the goal is to keep people independent and in their homes as long as possible.

“We’ve become the most effective in our service area at reducing hospital readmissions and eliminating unnecessary trips to the emergency room,” he says.

Serenity Home Health Paige Ryan -full
Paige Ryan, CPTA, with Serenity Home Health patient Charlotte Ehrlich and her husband, Ralph, at The Oxford Grand

Achieving a five-star rating in patient satisfaction is even more challenging.

“The five stars on the patient satisfaction side puts us in rare company,” Stamp says. “Often folks are experiencing serious medical problems, and that tends to color their outlook on life and all kinds of relationships, including the relationship they would have with their provider, so we have to work extra hard to make sure people feel very good about what’s being done.”

He says this requires a major commitment from staff.

“We have to really want to go out there and make sure all staff members are doing their part to allow us to achieve these high ratings,” Stamp says.

In doing so, Serenity Home Health can lift a burden off of practitioners.

“We’re trying to relieve the frequent-fliers burden from physicians and will work with them to break unhealthy cycles for patients,” Stamp says. “We certainly don’t replace, nor do we discourage office visits to, their physicians. We just try to regulate and reduce unnecessary visits and increase compliance with physicians’ directions. We’re the physicians’ eyes and ears, and we have a very good rapport with physicians who work with us.”

For more information, call 316-866-2929 or visit serenityhomehealth.com.