Pain Management

Finding Pain Relief at Advanced Pain Medicine Associates: Providing Hope for Pain Sufferers

Symptoms of chronic pain can aggravate physical and mental conditions and contribute to high healthcare costs and lost productivity.

Interventional Treatments Target Pain Where It Hurts

With the misuse of opioids at epidemic levels, many physicians — and their patients — want to find nonaddictive methods of managing chronic pain.

Hutchinson Clinic Rolls Out New Pain Management, Controlled Substance Policy

In the past 10 years, the Hutchinson Clinic has witnessed many changes, but one of the most prevalent has been a steady increase in pain management patients and a steady decrease in providers taking these patients.

Reducing the Headaches of Pain Management

For many physicians, the CDC’s tightened pain management standards are a real headache.

Transforming Outcomes with Early Intervention: ARCK’s Blend of Quality and Compassionate Care Improves Quality of Life for Rheumatology Patients

Compassionate, ongoing relationships between patients and caring physicians, as well as prompt referrals and advances in technology, have transformed the field of rheumatology in the 22 years Timothy Shaver, MD, FACP, has been in practice.

Diagnostics, Patient Education Are among Dr. Melanie Rohr’s Priorities As She Joins ARCK Team

In her training, Melanie Rohr, MD, has learned to pay attention to subtle symptoms, tracing their causes in order to target the best possible courses of treatment for patients suffering arthritic pain.

ARCK Expands in Wichita, Extends Advanced Specialty Care to Kansas City Area

The fellowship-trained physicians of Arthritis and Rheumatology Clinics of Kansas, LLC, (ARCK) have a well-established reputation in Wichita for their dedication to relieving pain and suffering by providing advanced specialty care in a compassionate and efficient manner. In response to growing need for those services, ARCK will expand its practice in Wichita this summer and open a second location in the Kansas City, Kansas, area.

Moving Forward Together—Williamson Wellness Center

There is a strong consensus among post-rehabilitation fitness experts that the most important element in any fitness regimen is that it be carefully directed and personalized. For post-rehabilitation fitness to be effective, it must be responsible, according to Wendy Williamson, PhD, Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, ACE, CPT-ACE, CPT-NASM, and owner of Williamson Wellness Center in Wichita.