Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation

Pre-concussion Testing Helps Expedite Recovery

The impact of a hard hit can last far beyond initial concussion symptoms.

Via Christi Offers New, Advanced Tools for Patient Rehabilitation; Lokomat Unit, Other Technologies Give Therapists Additional Options to Improve Patient Outcomes

Terri Reed had high hopes when Via Christi Rehabilitation Hospital invested in a LokomatPro FreeD, a state-of-the-art, computerized robotic system designed to improve patients’ gait through neuromuscular re-education.

Regional Interdependence: Evaluating the Areas Above and Below an Injury

I see a lot of runners and athletes in our clinic, and they come in with a myriad of issues: low back pain, plantar fasciitis and knee tendinitis just to name a few.

Pre-habilitation: Moving toward Better Health

Physicians today have many options for helping patients reach optimal mobility, both before and after orthopedic surgery. One of the most advantageous of those options is pre-habilitation therapy.

Moving Forward Together—Williamson Wellness Center

There is a strong consensus among post-rehabilitation fitness experts that the most important element in any fitness regimen is that it be carefully directed and personalized. For post-rehabilitation fitness to be effective, it must be responsible, according to Wendy Williamson, PhD, Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, ACE, CPT-ACE, CPT-NASM, and owner of Williamson Wellness Center in Wichita.