Kusm-Wichita Center Focuses on Infant Mortality Programs, Research

More than 225 Kansas infants die before their first birthday, according to a Wichita-based center that researches and implements programs to combat infant mortality. But the good news is that more efforts are being taken by local community groups to help educate parents about factors that can lower the risk for infant mortality.

‘Eyes of the Future’

The healthy development of the eyes of children – the eyes of the future – is important. Not only are their young eyes taxed with visual activities, but their vision system continues to grow and develop until about the start of their teenage years.

KVC Hospitals to Open Wichita Children’s Psychiatric Hospital

KVC Hospitals Inc. plans to open a children’s psychiatric hospital in Wichita in early 2019, after seeing high admission rates from Wichita-area children at its other two Kansas hospitals.

Heads Up: Subconcussive Impacts Can Be More Dangerous than Concussions

Concussion awareness has grown significantly in the past decade. Now there is an entire annual medical conference devoted to the topic, medical journal articles have increased from a couple a year to multiple new articles every week, and every U.S. state has a return-to-play law requiring a physician’s clearance for student-athletes who have suffered a concussion.

Wesley Children’s Hospital Opens New Pediatric ER, Begins Phase 2 Work

Wesley Children’s Hospital in Wichita opened its newly renovated pediatric emergency department May 17 and announced a $17 million, phase two construction and service expansion plan to the hospital, which opened in 2016.

Vaccines, Obesity Have Changed Pediatric Practice During Dr. Van Sickle’s Career

The Topeka physician has devoted more than three decades to the health of up-and-coming generations.

Nataliya Biskup, MD, Brings Pediatric Plastic Surgery to Wichita

She will provide a full spectrum of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to both adults and children in the area.

Wesley Children’s Hospital Prepares for Grand Opening; New Facility Attracts Nation’s Best Pediatric Specialists and Will Serve Statewide Medical Needs

It’s clear the moment one steps into the new Wesley Children’s Hospital: These halls were made with a child’s physical and emotional healing in mind.

A Heart for Kansas’ Kids; Wichita Native Tuan Nguyen, MD, Joins Kansas Kids Heart Center

Kansas Kids Heart Center’s (KKHC’s) commitment to compassionate, state-of-the-art care for children and young adults has built up the Wichita practice’s client base and reputation since Mohamad Al-Ahdab, MD, FAAP, CCDS, founded the practice in 2010.

Kansas Kids Heart Center Welcomes Melissa Lefebvre, DO

Kansas Kids Heart Center (KKHC) offers a full complement of diagnostic and treatment modalities to provide continuous care for patients of all ages — from before birth through adulthood — who have congenital heart problems.